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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
So I've decided to get a handgun...

After thinking it over and over... Margaret (she's Canadian and not a gun fan) is not really excited about it. However, I did learn from Michael Moore's documentary - 'Bowling for Columbine" - that Canadians have just as many guns as we do; they just shoot each other less often*. But if criminals can have weapons, why the phuck can't I? right? I'll be taking the Texas required 10 hours of training so that I can also obtain a license to carry. So, please don't break into our house in the near future. :D

**Canadians Don't Like Violence....
Thursday, April 22, 2004

The other night while leaving Starbucks... walking to a dark parking lot and not paying attention... I got hit over the head and kicked several times by two guys (1 black & 1 white). They 1st asked me for "gas money".. I ignored them and tried to get to my Landrover but they quickly approached me and the attack lasted only a few seconds. I'm now $250 lighter , have a black eye and have learned a valuable lesson. Don't park in the dark areas of Starbucks. The 911 operator asked me - as I lay there bleeding - "are they still there?" "Right... and yes, they'd like to speak with you" I calmly said. After a few Q&As from more intelligent people (the police), I went home and crashed. "Damn! You're lucky they didn't stab or shoot you!" one friend later said over the phone. I assume these guys won't be found... and for sure my money is gone. But it reminded me of how valuable and somewhat fragile life is. It can all end in a moment and at some point - it will - for us all. In the meantime, we should all be doing great things and helping make the world better. Peace & Love...........

I wished I had only tripped over my Jack Russell...
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
What's the Deal with Celebs and Crime?

Doesn't it seem like anyone that has at least 15 seconds on E! has been involved in some type of criminal situation at one time? It was all kinda funny until yesterday when I actually caught myself seriously thinking ... "I better get into an altercation soon or NONE of my movies are going to be made!" That thought scared me a bit and I wondered how many other people have not only had the passing thought, but let those 'shining examples' influence them into some scandalous action as well? I know.. I know, people make their own decisions and there's already too much blame placed on others for our OWN behaviour.. but really, let's just look at the most recent handful of stories...uh.. this week...

1) Ty Law(less) almost outruns police - (well, he was running away from a 2004 Rolls-Royce)
2) Mike Danton (St. Louis Blues) for Murder-for-hire scheme - he must need a better 'contract'
3) Brice Hunter (former Tampa Bay Bucs) Chicago apartment - loud music - fight - then shot to death
4) Courtney Love (this is an easy one) Drugs, Assault/Battery, Murder, Missing Money, Drugs, Contempt of Court... did I say Drugs yet?
5) Kelly Osbourne - Good: MTV Show - Bad: CD 'Shut Up' Good: she did shut up Bad: Drug re-hab
6) Lil' Kim (the HipHopCourtOBstruct-diva)
7) Rapper T.I. (and his next CD should be titled "Mugg Shot")
8) Sha Baoliang, Chinese Pop Star ( think Kung Pao Chicken + Britney Spears) at drug party
9) Kevin Spacey , lies about park attack - ends up tripping over his own Jack Russell

We're all examples to someone in life but Celebs/Pro-Athletes/Artists all have more responsibility for their actions (whether they agree or not)...

because here's where it matters...
Monday, April 19, 2004
You Know You're a Bachelor When...

Margaret's away in Basel (Switzerland - for those of you that failed geography) and I've quickly reverted back to my days in college. The house isn't toooo bad actually (in case Margaret or her assistants are reading this) but I knew I had hit bottom this AM when I ate a month old 1/2 eaten thing of Yogurt with month old raisin bread and made my own milk for the coffee... yes, made my own milk out of this clumpy white powder stuff on the back shelf (it tastes similar to milk.. er maybe). Anyway, I'm kind of down today since all the trees next door have dissappeared (the last remaining 4 are currently being cut down).... all to make way for a big expensive strip of 'chic' townhomes. It's funny that people move to this neighborhood in-part because of the beautiful huge trees (Vs. the flat empty burbs) but then they cut all the trees down and plant these... I'll never understand.. By the way.. Last year, we cut down over 9,169 sq. miles of forest.. that's the size of Israel BTW... Ok.. off to shower... please go plant a tree for me and yourself this week ... you'll breath better. :D

"OOOOh look honey! We can put the kitchen right here!"
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
24 Hour Video Race...

I don't know what's possessed me to do it... (I mean, like I have time - maybe it was my new shoes) but yesterday, I put together a team to compete in the Dallas Video Association annual race. Bart Weiss created and runs it. Talented guy he is. At midnight on May 7th, teams receive instructions to compete... Bart says, " The required theme and prop—and maybe a surprise location, required line of dialogue, or other particulars—are surprises until the race begins." Wish us luck. :D

'me'... since some girl from Finland asked...

oh, and these guys... check out these guys...
The Weblog
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
I hate waiting more than anything...

So, while I'm waiting on PBS/POV to decide on financing a documentary, Screen Gems on funding "West Memphis Three", Sony Classical for music for a soundtrack, the IRS for releasing my funds, I'll pimp some cool projects from some of my friends! :D

Congratulations to Tim Sanders for still being on the best seller list for business books! "Love is the Killer App" holding at the "3" position. A good book about dealing with people and getting what you want by helping them get what they want. Daniel J. Hale and his brilliant nephew on their second book coming out this month...("Red Card" won an Agatha last year!) "Green Streak" . It's James Bond meets Nickelodeon. cool stuff... Jason Wellington (lead for "Supercell") has successfully launched their CD, "Generation of the Numb"... good-rockin tunes on it. Scott McCurry is still selling his hot "like the sun" CD. The country-rock crew, the Rusty Brothers are also building a big fan base in Texas and Oklahoma. and not to forget folk-music-maven, Tracie Merchant. She's all over the place this season. So, please do check out those talented peeps which I'm most happy to know and have in my life. :D

I'll be here ... waiting.. .

Monday, April 12, 2004
All or Nothing...

This guy - Ashley Revell - the 32 year old UK dude that sold everything he owned back in Feb. only to gamble the entire proceeds on a single play of roulette in Vegas - sounded like a nut. I mean, I guess we all do something stupid in Vegas just once... However, as I read more about his adventure, I wondered. He was very resolved about the plan. He brought his parents, had the Sky TV document everything and was even attempting to break the world's record for a single bet on Roulette. Once in vegas at the Plaza (eww.. you'd think maybe the Venetian?) with the cameras on, he placed his bet of $138,000. Moments later, he doubled his life fortune was all over the news and probably will be offered product endorsments twice his winnings. Hmmm... although I don't support excessive gambling habits, I do wonder what more of us could accomplish if we'd be willing to bet our own talents and energy to that resolve? So, go out and double your self-worth today! Ok, enough playing Dad, I have entirely too much work to do...

I just thought this pic looked good here..
Friday, April 09, 2004
1st Amendment .... Right

Robin Bronk (director for the Creative Coalition) sent me an email regarding a few elements in congress that are attempting to hard-push through legislature that would fine anyone/any broadcaster over half a million dollars per incident of the "F" bomb. Ok, let's think about this. Let's say I'm a contestant on Cuban's or maybe Branson's new reality show. Ok... next I actually win! :D Ok, THEN, because I'm soooo excited, I say something like... "I can't fucking believe I won!!!" *BANK* and *BANG*. The FCC just hit me with a fine... Let's do the math on this one now..

Winnings from Branson or Cuban...........$1,000,000
Various Federal /State Taxes..................$ 525,000
FCC Naughty Word Fine.........................$ 500,000
DM's Total............................................$ - 25,000

Shit! I actually LOST money!? I think I'll just stick to my own projects and Vegas. And before congress passes this stupid law (which won't help anyone and just erodes 1st Amendment Speech), I'd like to say...

Fuck the FCC, and Fuck Senator Frist

Have a nice day and behave yourself.. Also, Julie from EDGE's-rockin-morning radio sent me this Prairie dog link, enjoy.

The Prairie Dog can still say the "F" word...
Thursday, April 08, 2004
the Rules of Attraction...

People seem to love or hate this film. Which is quite frankly what I like about it. Myself? I liked the movie - especially the way Roger Avary shot and directed it. The only thing ... I might have done some of the casting differently. I chatted with Roger about doing an upcoming project (see the earlier Ecstasy thread) which I'm currently interviewing key players from the real-life 80's X scene. Just the music will be terrific. I also have an inside track on the Dallas stories... ahem. Anyway, I'm very focused on this project since it has Oscar written all over it... not to mention, Roger may be interested. WhooHOO! :D Ok, off to make some more coffee and finish up a new soundtrack demo for Michael's "Walking with Freedom" documentary... BTW: PBS better pick this up... or I'm gonna start watching Discovery Channel. Ok, Have a great day... and enjoy this picture I got from Google images after typing in "roger avary".. he's hot!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Trip to the Dr....

I hate going. The yearly physical. Getting naked, giving blood & urine... gloves up your... well... it all rather places your ego at bay. The ordeal was over in 1 1/2 hours. $15 co-pay. $300 'limit on wellness' and $155 left over for me to pay. (I had to pay in order to get the full lab work done!?) hmmmm.. it would seem the healthcare insurance industry would be 'all over' paying you to have a full check up since it would save them money in theory... right? uh.. No. I cost the industry the least amount, however I pay the most. Just another example of why U.S. Healthcare fucking sucks. Before I left, the waiting room was full of patients. I asked the nurse, "why are most of them here". "Flu, pains, rashes.. you name it". she wearily said. As I left, there were even more overweight, coughing and smoking people outside... and those were the healthcare providers.

With all the icky medical news out there, here's some good news for us guys though...
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
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When I'm stressed...

I play this ... COLLAPSE! I know it's just little colored squares pilling up (which you can blow-up with bombs though!) but nothing else can neutralize the real-life drama of the pilling up of tasks, bills, appointments and trash in my office. I actually scored pretty high the 1st time I played. Probably because of my experience with the dot-com COLLAPSE! and putting all that information together for my film "CXO" (to be released Fall 2004!) during the Enron COLLAPSE! Not to mention, being just a few dozen blocks away from the World Trade Center COLLAPSE! So today, I'm thinking of taking the same tactical disciplines I've learned from COLLAPSE! and use them in my life today. And just maybe, just maybe, I'll get onto the next level towards success.... I'm going to email Bush and Kerry with that useful thought today to.. .

Monday, April 05, 2004

Is coffee a drug?

My morning ritual consists of making 8 cups of it (English Toffee flavor today) along with Earl Grey tea for Margaret. I know coffee isn't truly a drug but Caffeine is. And I know pretty much, that I need it everyday. And our culture pushes it ... hard and fast. We also push just a few others... Paxil, Viagra, Prozac, Celebrex, Vioxx, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Valium, Skelexin, Xanax, Vicodin, Ritalin, Oxycodin, Percocet... whew. Those are a few of the 'good' drugs. The ones that make you better, happier, more productive, less fat, etc.. Then there are the 'bad' drugs... Cocaine, Ecstasy, Pot, etc.. Although, Ecstasy began as a real drug from Merck which is only a few molecules off from a few of the above 'legal drugs'. So what makes it evil? Because Merck no longer has the patent? hmmm... A paradox for the FDA and U.S. government if you ask me. While we waste more money on the 'war on drugs'... the war goes on... Perhaps we could learn from a few other countries...One day, we'll learn how to deal with the sources of human problems instead of the symptoms... Don't worry yourself about it though, just ask your dr. or smiling Bob if they're right for you.

And here's to Kurt... 10 years later. Peace. .

Sunday, April 04, 2004
There's only a few songs I hate...

and "Jump Around" by House of Pain is one of them. Don't take it personally guys... it just irritates me beyond explanation. Anyway, here's something cool... If it's your B-day, did you know you can get tons of shit for free? Franki's Li'l Europe in Casa Linda (362 Casa Linda Plaza - 214-320-0426) gives you a bottle of wine. Playboy.com gives you a free month's online subscription. Haagendazs.com sends you free coupons for ice cream... Eatzi's .. free bread. Starwood Hotels, free upgrades (just sign up 1st for free points also) Dallas Zoo.. free. (just bring your own stun-gun).

Saturday, April 03, 2004
Perfect Day...

Yeah...it's one of those days, so... We're off to the Grapevine Wine Fest. See you later .... now get off the computer and go outside! {:-()

Friday, April 02, 2004
So Mark Cuban emails me yesterday...

... to say "thanks" but "no thanks" to my invitation for him to jump on as a producer for a new film project. "all the best". I thought that was heart-warming.. usually it ends with "-m". But he answered it in like 2 hours and Mark's pretty busy chasing down fans around the country that want his money as well. If anyone epitomizes modern-day Americana Capitalism more... I can't think of who it would be. Not even the Donald hit's the mega-NASDAQ level of opportunistic-marketing-ego-driven-creative-almost-child-like-enthusiasm that Mark has. Kudos to you Mark. Your face will be on the E.U.'s world-wide currency in 50 years. Hey... what's the deal with billionaires and bad hair anywayz?? Oh yeah, I got through my last meeting with the IRS today.. nuff said. Let's move on.... I also spoke with Dallas-native rocker Gary Myrick this week. He was ahead of his time. I loved his music during the 80's ("She Talks in Stereo" and "When Angels Kiss" were my faves). He's interested in jumping on-board to supervise/create music for the soon to be announced film project. Yea Gary! :D Ok, I'm off to get my hair cut... I may not be rich... but hey, at least my hair looks good..

Thursday, April 01, 2004
What's the deal with Kilts today?

There was some story on the radio as I woke up. Matt & Katy wearing them on the Today Show, Elvis' Ancestors wore them, WRR 101 was talking about them... is this like a fashion trend or something? If so, I gotta get my legs in shape. Maybe its just an April Fools joke or something... anyway, I hurt my back really bad last night doing some simple bend-over-and-pick-up-dog-toy thing. I always envisioned injuring myself skydiving or mountian biking or something.. ouch. So, today, I must finish up my tax homework and work on an upcoming film project on Ecstasy. Peter Jennings in doing a special on ABC tonight - "Ecstasy Rising". Watch for some local news on our feature film announcement in the near future. OK.... maybe I'll consider wearing a kilt perhaps... I mean Sean Connery, Mel Gibson and even Lance Bass... er... wait.. never mind.

Have a "foolish" day,


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