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Monday, June 26, 2006
W Hotel - whatever/whenever.... just not right now, ok?

This past weekend, Margaret and I indulged and decided to stay at Dallas' new mecca for style, food & overall chic-dom... the new W Hotel. We went to the W-bar on friday night and ran into some people we knew in the VIP room (after being held over at the curtain/door for quite some time). Once inside however, it looked just like the community room at many Post property uptown apartments. But hey, the drinks and music were good. SO, after some vodka, we impulsively booked a room and returned the next day to check in. I've always loved the W at other cities and could not wait to test Dallas'. 'Welcome to the W!' guys in short blue shirts eagerly echoed as we left the car with the valet and walked inside. The lobby is somewhat barren and almost closterphobic-ish for such a huge building. Blue LED lighting and mod-earth tone carpeting is abundant, as well as serious looking staff in dark jackets and Secret Service earpieces. They whisked our luggage away, we got a key and happily went upstairs. The 5th floor room was nice and modern if a bit dark & stark - but still cool. I mean, the entire bathroom was open to the sleeping area and the shower had an all-glass wall! Kinky! We changed clothes and decided to check out the pool... And that's when things began to go south. .. As soon as we arrived pool-side on the 16th floor, a typical Texas storm had blown in and furniture, towels and pillows were flying off the roof and into the pool. Security immediately closed off the area while we watched what looked like a scene from "the Day After Tomorrow" take place. "I have to request that you evacuate the area" said the W Secret Serviceman. SO, we went to the lobby and looked out the front door. "Please step away from that area" we were warned again. We then went to the 'living room' which is the open bar area where everyone was drinking and waiting out the storm. It quickly passed so we went outside and grabbed wings at Hooters. Back at the hotel (two hours later and the sky is now clear blue) we attempt to return to the pool we were so excited about enjoying. The doors were still closed and the security man told us to leave yet again saying he was 'monitoring the storm'. Ok, whatever.. but not whenever so far. We returned to the bar to get a drink and take it with us to the room. The white wines were not yet chilled. ok.. fine, so after compromising with a so-so merlot.. we left... But not yet! "No drinks are allowed outside this area" we were strictly warned because of the TABC. So we stayed and drank as the electricity went out. and back on... and out again. We left the wine and decided to go to the room but only one elevator was working and we were told to 'please use the stairs'. We waited for the one elevator for about 5 mins. while listening to a New Orleans guest complain to us about his bad "W" experience. (Note: if someone from NoLa is complaining about amenities, things must be bad!). Finally upstairs, we noticed the airconditoner would not shut off. Noticing we did not pack our winterwear, we called downstairs but no one came upstairs to fix it. Instead, I pulled a McIver and I stuffed the vent with a towel and everything was somewhat fine. THEN, the fire alarm went off and a voice came over saying 'please evactuate the building immediately'. oh great. We got dressed and started to leave when I thought I should call the front desk just to make sure. "Hello Whatever / Whenever! How may I help you!".. um.. yeah, the fire alarm ... is that for real? Do we really need to evacuate? "What fire alarm?" she asked. "um, thanks". I said and hung up. ... (end scene) .. SO, next morning after a pretty good sleep, we ordered breakfast. or at least we thought we ordered breakfast. After half a dozen phone calls back and forth to 'whatever/whenever' and 90 mins later, we got our breakfast - well, almost. Just so you know, $45. @ the W gets you grits, coffee, one stale danish, and some sausage. Enjoy! During breakfast, our phone began ringing but no one was ever on the other end. After like the 5th call, Margaret asked me to call the front desk to see what was up. I giggled at the thought of their upcoming response. They of course, had no idea(**). The best part of the stay was Bliss - the full spa on the 16th floor. If it wasnt for that experience, we may have had a nervous breakdown. At check out, we requested a discount for the host of unscheduled experiences but we were firmly denied a discount from the $309 room. We even asked for a free pass to the Ghost Bar but was told they would not be able to accomadate our request. Hey, are we even welcome back to the hotel? hey WHATEVER! WHENEVER!

Something "W" does not stand for... 'wow'

(**) I should mention here that we spent (hotel, bar, spa, food, tips, etc.) almost $1,000 on this short weekend stay and no one, repeat, NO ONE - even from Starwood Hotels contacted us about my complaint(s).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"America's Got Talent"... well.. not really

It seems that we not only need a national show to find the next big singer, but also one to find the best juggler, magician, ventriloquist, elderly rapper, puppeteer and dog trainer. In the vacuum of entertainment we apparently have, NBC has set out to fill that with a ... well, a talent show. And boy, it was a two-hour event tonight with the most network-backed advertising of any other show. It was... well, cute for a while. It was also a bit, well. .. cheeky. The British guy was nicer than Simon Scowl. And Brandy is refreshing and cute... but Hasselhoff? Is he actually drunk or on muscle relaxers? "oh yeah, you're fourteen" he says in a creepy, dead stare. Myspace has nothing to worry about net pedophiles with him on TV. Oh well, that's where entertainment is going and I suppose it's not all that bad. At least it gets the family together making costumes, listening to Prince and practicing in the garage on their new dance moves.

ABC should respond with a new fall show... "America Has Leadership" and we could pick the next President and congress. Now that would be some fricken entertainment and maybe solve some problems along the way...

"I'm sorry Mr. President, but Piers just buzzed you off."
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Revelation: We made it past 6/6/06

Well, it looks like we made it (as Barry Manilow would say). The day of evil is over and here are the beastly highlights of the day...

(1) Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) quietly celebrated his birthday

(2) Mortgage interest rates hit 6.66%

(3) Granny didn't go outside today since her birthday is on 6/6/06 and she turned 66 and was born 6lbs, 6oz @ 6am. Her last name interestingly is 'dumas'.

(4) Scientists at Harvard announced they are actively working to clone humans

(5) Hell, Michigan throws a party

but the most frightening of all ...

(6) Ann Coulter's new book is out

Saturday, June 03, 2006
Harley Caught David Blaine and Mavs Beat the Suns!

Double breaking news today people! Mav vs Suns! 102 to 93! Oh yeah, we'll be in the NBA Finals for the 1st time! Miami get ready! And Harley celebrated by catching earlier today.... David Blaine (the mouse). At about 4am this morning. Lots of barking, growling and banging of furniture. she was very proud of herself as was I. way to go Harley... you and Dirk KICk ASs!

Not really Harley, not really me and not really the mouse... but you get the idea here...
Thursday, June 01, 2006
Mexicans and chips

I'm all about a tasty, salted chip with salsa... but hold on... today on Fox News, VeriChip's Chairman announced a proposal to tag Mexican immigrant workers with a microchip embedded under their skin... all because we need to "know who is in our country and why they are here". Oh great. My SUV already has one of the devilish devices for tollways and airports. Also, Harley and Baily (our two dogs) have implanted chips as well. (talk about your mark of the beast) Technically, the government could use remote sensors to better know where my dogs and car are at any one moment. Imagine once we all have to have one of those.. That will be the end of freedom in America. and perhaps move us towards the end of other things as well. Now is the time to stop this.................................................................................................. You can voice your disdain against pending legislature of the National ID act here.

"Yes Mr. President. We've tracked DM, his Landrover, the jack russell and the black lab to a 7-11 in North Dallas where they have purchased a 12-pack of Miller Light and a bag of Beggin Strips"
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