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Friday, September 30, 2005
I'm actually scared...

Rarely does anything truly scare me. But this time I'm afraid - afraid of something invisible, which I can’t fully sense or control. Depression for me is a silent foe I never discuss with anyone but more than frequently have to deal with. For the most part, I put it on par with allergies and taxes - something always close and persistent, but manageable. But this time and for several weeks, it has been growing and even skewing my reality; my dreams and waking hours; this, which has never happened before. I'm missing not only hours from my being and memory but a few times, entire days of my life. I had a terrible dream two weeks ago perhaps. It was so real and vivid and so horrible, I only wanted to tell about it once. I had to share it with someone who understood dreams and has provided me somewhat of an interpretation in the past. Over the phone, the response to this was chilling and made me frightened and feel empty as from the moment I awoke from it. She cried as she told me 'that's the worst dream to have'. "...You’re on the verge of horrible misery and utter despair and no hope for happiness." I think, I'm already there.........
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Since I'm in a pissy mood and drinking aggressively...

Here's a list of things I hate:

1) Cellular directory assistance. $2.50 PER call and they don't have to get it right. Did you know that? (so try something different) Just because of that policy, I call back everytime (right or wrong) to get a refund.

2) Skulls on eVeRytHinG. WTF? Is it Halloween or something? Who came up with putting dead human remains on Gucci bags and Prada t-shirts anyway? They should be shot, killed and have their skull put on something.

3) Celebs with Weird Beliefs. Really, we don't care if you eat toads for breakfast and clean yourself out with a Waterpik filled with holy water and then worship the lost 13th prophet of Soddom. We don't care and we don't want to hear about it ok? Get over yourself.

4) Bad Drivers. You cannot drive, you don't understand road rules, you're busy on the cell phone - so, please buy a bus pass for the month.

5) Hurricanes. Geezz! We are F*(&^%! sick of Hurricanes ok??! Please stop them somebody. Even the weather guys have even run out of names this year for FEMA sake! Oh, and I'm sure the AntiChrist's daughters will be named Rita and Katrina.

6) Employees with Attitude @ Taco Bell. or employees with attitudes that work in front of the public AnYwHeRe. Hey, it dosent hurt to be somewhat nice, it makes the day go by faster, you're happy, we're happy - besides you may get a tip. And if you're reading this Shaniqua from Taco Bell # 237, you're not anything special to begin with (and your hair looks like a Racoon took a shit in it) - so get overyourself.com

ok, I feel better. Sorry about that.

Don't get mad at me for listing things I hate. Somebody made a movie about their list... and it had TEN things!
Monday, September 19, 2005
Eleven Point Two Million Dollars Later...

Margaret and I attended a good friend's surprise b-day party saturday night. When we arrived, I was still on the phone talking to Angie (who was still in LA) about her securing several quick, last-minute interviews for our show with Paris Hilton, Jeremy Piven and Lindsay Lohan (interesting mix, huh?. I hung up and wandered past the garage where I found an '04 Lamborghini Gallardo sitting restlessly all alone - I felt so Ferris Bueller. However, I refrained from stealing a bottle of Bollinger Brut and taking it for a test drive. But my envy went up to level Orange and was about to go even higher. ----------- Enter the caterering staff. ------- Now, usually you go to these parties to have fun but to also network and pitch some business ideas and see if you can get various people interested and possibly... some cash. I totally missed this one however. As I spent time talking to guests - my wife spent time talking to - the staff. When we met up to finally depart for the evening, we exchanged stories about who we talked to, met, etc. She then told me the young man (delivering bruschetta styled Hor'dourves around) had causally told her he was just the recipient of $11.2 million the day before - direct deposited into his personal checking account. "wait, then what the f*ck is doing serving bruschetta??!" I asked. She said they talked more and he was trying to figure out what to do with the money his uncle (a Westin Hotel heir) had left him. "and you didn't come to find me? to introduce us??!" I asked in desperation. "oh, no. I didn't even think about that. He was delightful though". she wanders off in thought and drives on. At this moment, I just stare out the window speechless, my production company in need of $60K, my film project in need of much more and my education foundation in need of $200K... I watch my hand just out the car window, I stare at the full moon, letting the wind effortlessly lift my palm as I feel my heart sink...

While some people worry about what do to with $11mil, I worry about how I'm going to gas up my Freelander...
Sunday, September 18, 2005
I Knew My Dogs Made TO-DO Lists

As busy as these two canines are, they can't do all of those tasks without some organization. I found Bailey's (the black lab) TO-DO list on a half-chewed, brown paper bag near the back door. Oh sure, it was pretty hard to read his scribble and he had a ton of spelling errors - but I fixed those - so here it is...

Bailey’s TO DO List for
Sunday, September 18, 2005

- Chew on new rawhide
- Chase squirrels
- Dig up Azalea bush
- Bring clods of dirt into kitchen
- Knock over cement statue
- Take a dump on the driveway
- Nap
- Bark
- Chase squirrels
- Dig hole near patio
- Take a dump on patio near back door
- Find and eat bagel I buried last Thursday
- Chew on toy bear and pull out stuffing
- Eat 4 milk bones
- Tip over water bowl in kitchen
Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ok, saturday morning, 2nd... oh ok, 3rd cup of coffee and I'm in a panic attack as I sit in my CK t-shirt, worn Hurley shorts along with severe bed-head combing through endless email. We have our tv show back on the air - WFAA - in 3 weeks - three weeks - tres semanas - trois semaines! ... and we have so much more work to do. Shoot commercials (to include in the show), write new segments, do voice-overs, schedule new segments to shoot, select music, edit the show.. AAAAAHHHHHH! While I'm having a nervous breakdown, Angie's in LA for the Emmy's along with doing a few interviews with some of the Desperate Housewives cast, comedian Judy Tenuta, and some other surprise guests. ok, I feel better just sharing it with you all. No, not really, I need another cup of coffee and a shower and a xanax.

"... on the air again, just can't wait to get on the air again.."
GRIN & BARRETT returns to WFAA/ABC Sunday's @ 12:00Noon OCT 9th. Be there.
Friday, September 09, 2005
I did not want to end my week's blog on a downer...

...you know, talking smack about people that have screwed me over and such... right? So, here it is. An incredible recipe anyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Have a great weekend....

Chicken Breast in Mole Rojo From Oaxaca
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cooked
1 tablespoon lard or vegetable oil
5 tablespoons red or brown mole paste (such as the Doña Maria brand)
1 cup chicken stock
2 ounces Mexican chocolate (optional)
1 tablespoon sesame seeds (toasted, if you wish)

Cover chicken breasts in water and simmer until they turn white, about 20 minutes. Remove and set aside. Heat the lard or vegetable oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the mole paste and fry for 4 minutes, stirring constantly, to release the natural oils. Be careful; it burns quickly. Add the chicken stock and blend with the mole paste. Add the chocolate and stirring continuously until well blended (if using the readily available Doña Maria brand, you don't really need to add more chocolate). Lower the heat and cook for 25 minutes, stirring constantly. The mixture should have the consistency of a thick sauce. Adjust seasoning.

Place the chicken in the mole sauce and heat thoroughly. Sprinkle with the sesame seeds. Serve with whole or refried black or pinto beans, rice, and hot corn tortillas.
HBO's 'Entourage' is presque trop vrai!

Three years ago, when I squeamishly set my left toe into the entertainment/production business, I had no idea it would be filled with such seedy, manipulative, ethic-less, group of liars. The entertainment business makes used car salesman look almost Ghandi-like. But I've learned much and I've lost much (film school would have been a much, much cheaper option at this point). Anyway, the fine folks at 'Entourage' have protrayed the business (at least from the agent prespective) fairly well. They could stand to take the drama and vacuum of morals up a notch however (at least by my experience). I did find some satisfaction in watching the show each week. Almost like therapy - thanks Ari Gold. Here's to the show and cast catching a few Emmy's!

We ran into Adrian Grenier at Sundance and he was eating - all by himself. I was like "dude you can't be alone! Where's your 'entourage'??" ummm, yeah... he didnt think it was funny either...
Sunday, September 04, 2005
Evacuate! Here Comes Hurri-KanyeWest!

The Apocalyptic storm of Katrina was not enough to cause sadness and disruptiveness. Rapper come late 'Kayne' West (actually and for some odd reason - pronounced KAHN-yay) took the DIS-advantaged moment of a somewhat lame NBC hurricane fundraiser to declare...

1) America is set up to take care of the poor & blacks as slow as possible.
2) Troops have been sent into New Orleans to kill black people.
3) GW Bush dosent care about black people.

Mike Myers looked stunned (and thankful that he's Canadian) as well as nervous while Kanye went off like a crazy person who just lost the keys to his gold-plated Hummer. Now personally, I'm not one to say Kanye Kany't speak his mind, I dig freedom of speech, but with that freedom comes responsibility and Kanye dissed that. His timing, the venue he chose and specifically what he had to say will do more harm and damage then any good. He has drawn yet another racial card and thrown it out into the public when it should have never been done. If he feels this way and wants to do something constructive for his people while bashing Bush... well then Kanye, call me, I'm in PR and I also love rap & r&b... I can help you brother - besides we're all in this together anyway, let's act like it...

Kanye West shows off his new color-coded Hurricane warning shirt
Friday, September 02, 2005
What CAN Brown Do For You?

well... if you live in New Orleans, not much. Michael Brown, director of FEMA has apparently ignored the million plus people on the Gulf coast. In fact, in an interview on NPR neither he nor Homeland Security guru, Michael Certoff even knew that thousands of people were stranded in the N.O. convention center (and still are at this typing). In fact they told the press (which were reporting it) that it was just here-say.. . People want to know why the hell did they not start planning to have troops in outer cities like Mobile, AL ready to roll once Katrina passed? Why didnt they use dozens of helicopters just a few miles away to start lifting people out on tuesday? This is a great example of how lame the federal government would (or will) treat you if (or when) a natural diaster or terror attack hits your town. The leaders of this country are totally out of touch with America. Speaking of that, the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert even voiced New Orleans should probably be written off as a city. Great response for those without food or water. He didnt even bother to show up for the $10bil vote .. he was at a fundrasier... BTW: I met Dennis and his wife IN New Orleans over a year ago while he was on vaction - he appeared to be enjoying that trip quite a bit.

here's a fascinating Blog from a guy in the heart of New Orleans - updated hourly or so
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