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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

David's Southern Chicken Crock Pot Recipe

Remember our parents cooking with a Crock Pot? Well, here's something I made up today leveraging the magical power of one said device (while job hunting... ah, the fun). Anyway, two words: 'De-licious'.. Ok, so that's one word, but yeah, it's awesome! It's actually a fusion of several different recipes plus stuff I added because I thought it would taste even better. And it did. Ha! Enjoy!

- One Whole Chicken
- Package of frozen Black-Eyed Peas
- 1/2 large purple onion (cut in 1/2 inch sections)
- 1/2 large Garlic clove (cut into quarter inch dices)
- Cup of Cherry Tomatoes
- 1/2 Green Apple
- 3 tablespoons of butter
- 5 tablespoons of Olive Oil
- 4 slices of smoked or black pepper bacon
- 1/4 cup of Heifenwiezen beer
- 1/4 cup of chicken broth
- 2 Tablespoons of Old Bay
- 3 Tablespoons of Italian Salt Rub mix
- 2 Tablespoons of Black Pepper

Cover bottom of crock pot with olive oil and drop whole chicken in. Slide slices of green apple into cavity. Pour oil and rub butter all over chicken, add spices and seasonings over all chicken area. Pour in peas, cut garlic, onions, beer and broth around chicken. Place Bacon stripes around chicken.

Options: Add a shot or two of Triple Sec and/or a couple packets of Taco Bell Hot Sauce.

Place on High for 4 hours and low for 2-3 hours to complete.

Monday, January 04, 2010
Happy Job Hunt 2010!

Here's a list of job-hunting resolutions from Job.com . ok, so yeah, I actually added one.
  1. I will review which tactics did and did not yield results in 2009, and I will work to understand how I might improve in those areas that did not do as well as I had hoped.
  2. I will set myself weekly goals during my job search and keep to their deadlines.
  3. I will consider my job search a full-time job and will not become complacent with my current situation. I will prioritize my job search above television, video games, or recreational internet use.
  4. I will not spam my resume to companies where I am seeking employment. Instead, I will tailor my resume to each company, so that my relevant skills are stressed for each specific position of department. The company will know I am serious and intent on working there.
  5. I will send thank-you cards after every interview, whether I thought the interview went well or poorly.
  6. I will start attending more job fairs and networking events, including those that may put me outside of my traditional industry.
  7. I will start considering a wide array of employment opportunities, instead of only the areas I've been used to.
  8. I will provide or demonstrate my value to my newly-made contacts first, before asking for their help.
  9. I will meet, whether by phone,direct e-mail, or in person, three new people who can help me in my job search each week.
  10. I will not depend on my network to find a job for me, but will view it as one of several methods of finding employment.
  11. I will become a fan of Job.com on Facebook to receive up to date job market information and exclusive career advice.
  12. I will do volunteer work to keep myself busy, and to also answer the question interviewers will put to me regarding what I have been up to recently in my unemployment.
  13. I will ask friends or family to give me full and honest criticism of my resume and of my interview tactics, even if it may be difficult to hear.
  14. I will be open to exploring many new options in the job market, understanding that there may be interesting opportunities beyond my traditional field.
  15. I will not become frustrated with my job search, or, if I do, I will not take out that frustration on my friends or family.
  16. I will follow David on twitter
Tuesday, December 01, 2009
Tareq & Michaele Salahi: The Email Invite for the White House State Dinner:

From: Amanda S <>
To: Tareq and Michaele <TandM@aol.com>

Re: Whitehouse Dinner Part-teeeee!


Hi cousin!

Heyyy! I wanna invite you guys to the Whitehouse State Dinner!!! :-D

This gonna be so much funnnnnnnnn!!! The Indians are gonna be there! (dot on head - not feather in hair LOL). U gotta come! I can get you both in since I’m interning (sp?) at the reception table! Sooooo Funnnnnn! =)

Dress indianish (like Slumdog Millionaire) and wear red! The press loveeessss red! (so does Michelle O). I’ll make sure you get to meet famous people 2! I know Rahm Emanuel (brought him coffee last week) and his brother is that guy that Entourage is all about! HOW COOL IZ DAT??

Not sure if I can get you actual seats at the dinner (it’s kinda crappy food anyway), but DEF for drinks and meeting peeps! Can u say OPEN BARRRR? LOL

Just tell them your names and say your with me. If that doesn’t work, text me and I’ll shoot you a name to use. (not everyone shows up - CAN’t BELIEVE tHaT! Who’d miss it???) Just ACT like you’re supposed to be there and be all snotty and they’ll prob let you in without any problem! OHHHH. If they ask where your paper invite is - tell them you left in Pelosi’s limo! That ALwAys works!!!! Bring a camera and take pics for your Facebook page! Funnnnn!

See you guys there!


PS: Sorry you got kicked out of the last black tie party, I spellt your name wrong on the guest list - (BTW: is “Michaele” << this right??)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
"About Us" ....

Just reviewed one of the most vague 'about us' sections I have ever read. ever. did I say ever? ok, yeah, ever..

"(BigCorp) is dedicated to enabling you to achieve the rewards, freedom and control you’ve always wanted while also making a real difference to your clients and community. (BigCorp) appreciates that real success takes the whole person into account, and we give our team members the respect, training and support to realize your goals and dreams. And (BigCorp) is the leader in providing client management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our entrepreneurial associates provide exceptional value to our clients through superior products, a passion for service, and a relentless focus on improvement."

Well... that just told me everything I need to know!

Score: Fail.
Former Sex Kittens Help Bring LA Declaw Vote to State Level

The Barbi Twins, instrumental advocates for the city of Los Angeles' ban on declawing, are now taking the issue to state level in California.

Monday, 11/09/2009 - The Barbi Twins, made infamous in the 90's for their record-breaking Playboy covers, top-selling calendars and their E! True Hollywood Story documentary have now retired to become full-time animal activists. Their newest and most urgent animal campaign is a nationwide ban on the painful practice of declawing cats.

This past Friday, the city of Los Angeles voted to ban the practice of Onychectomy, the medical term for declawing. The movement is spreading nationwide as towns and cities become aware of the facts behind the inhumane practice. "In a perfect world, my sister and I would like less government involvement, but the government must step in for those who have no voice and in this case, the animals need that help!" Shane said. "When big business interferes, comes in and tries to profit from cruel practices on animals, then we have to stop their actions." Sia added.

"Most people don't realize the declawing of cats is a cruel amputation of a cat's 'fingers' or 'toes' which can increase crippling of the animal by as much as 50%." Sia said. Reportedly, Veterinarians advise declawing of animals for owners who have poor immune systems. The idea of course, is to reduce any accidental scratches to the skin. However, declawed animals have shown an increase in behavioral problems, biting and unwanted marking of furniture and carpets. Many owners claim that when their natural primary defense is taken away by declawing, aggressive behavior quickly follows and some cats even stop using their litter box because of the initial pain. But fighting against an industry, where individual vet clinics can net $100,000 a year just from the procedure, is a most difficult proposition. It is a battle which involves educating the public with facts and studies. Even the USDA has recently banned declawing of big cats (Tigers, Lions, etc.) as an inhumane and cruel practice. The United States has no broad laws banning declawing of small cats, while 20 other countries, including Brazil, Japan, Israel and most of Europe have outlawed the practice on pets.

On January 1, 2010 the veterinarian associations are working to pass a law prohibiting any interference in regards to the surgical practice of declawing. "Compassionate people are trying to move ahead of this movement to ban the declawing of cats city by city before the SB 762 Bill becomes law." Shane said. "People are responding. There are already cities outside California, like Norfolk, Virginia, passing laws against declawing. In nationwide polls concerning animal safety or cruelty - like in the Michael Vick case - people will always side with the animals and now is the time for us to become proactive on this issue." Sia added. "Call your own local and state representatives to push for legislature to prevent this state bill and to stop declawing of animals in your own neighborhood."

"Contrary to what many believe, declawed cats are the pets usually abandoned because owners, who choose their furniture's well-being over their cat's, will rarely put up with behavioral issues brought on by the declawing," Shane emphasized. "That's right sis. Get a cat scratching post if you're worried about your furniture.
In fact, our old pictures are now popular because they are used for scratching postsinstead of dart boards, and also now used to line the kitty litter boxes!"

"Seriously, we want people to know about this issue. Please go to pawproject.org to find out which cities need support, which cities are voting on the issue now and learn which ones have been successful. Boycott any vet that practices cat declawing. We must put a stop to this cruel and needless act on our animal friends."



Press Contact:

David M Burrows
Friday, October 30, 2009
A Modest Revenue Proposal / Idea for Twitter

This is just a quick and relatively small revenue source Twitter could launch quickly and easily. This would also eliminate much of the unnecessary "spam" users are receiving via DM (Direct Messages). I mean, there's just so many Trump Networks, Teeth Whitening Methods, blogs I can read and boobies I can look at in a given day.

So, here's the premise: DMs are the 140 character messages which go directly to a users account. Now, some of us also tie those DMs to our email and/or iphones, BlackBerry's et al. Basically, this is the most direct way to contact someone. Think of it. You could basically send a text message to Jimmy Fallon, Lance Armstrong or Ashton Kutcher (as long as they were also following you). So, here's the math:

Twitter begins charging per DM. Say, just .08 cents. Cheap! I receive - on average - about 9 DMs per day. That's about 270 per month. So, collectively, other users DM-ing me would be spending $21.60 per month. Let's say (discarding any proper research or demographical studies) that only 10% of Twitters 8 million unique users would utilize the "Pay 2 DM" concept. That would equal 800,000 x $21.60 (avg of collective DMs received) which would bring Twitters revenue on this little segment to $17,280,000. Wa~La! Twitter is officially making money! Wikipedia claims they are only bringing in $400,000 in Q3 09. I believe my idea would bring that up by $51,840,000 ... yeah, over 51 million. Put that in your Q4!

There you go Jack, Evan and Biz... I'll take payment for my idea in stock options. :-D

oooh... I gotta go twitter this... BRB

Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Discussion at Taco Bell Drive Thru Today....

TB: "Wecome to Tacoo Beel. Wuud you like to try a Volcano Tacoo tooday?"

DM: "Um, I think I'll have the number."

TB: "Hello?  What iz yur odor?

DM: "Yes.  I would like to have the number four meal with a diet pepsi."

TB: "Ok. Two numbo five and ice tea?"

DM:  "No. Ok,  I want only one NUMBER FOUR WITH A DIET PEPSI"

TB: "Um, so... numbo for and die pepsi?"

DM: "Yes.  and throw in a Volcano taco." 

TB:  "Numbo for, die pepsi and 3 tacos?"

DM:  "uh... (sigh) yeah." 

Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Awesome Day Ahead...

Just hope I didn't jinx it by typing that now... 
Friday, November 21, 2008
The Complete Unraveling of Global Economies and the Destruction of Modern Culture

Not that I wanted to be a negative a-hole or anything right before Thanksgiving... but I did write about all this Global Economy crap back in July of this year (check my posts)... afterwards, I had friends and readers writing me telling me I was all nuts and 'doom and gloom'.   .... Hey, I'm the most optimistic guy in the hood, but when you read the headline of this post, it sums up what I truly believe will happen in the next 3-6  months.   We have to understand, at some point, in some period of time, all things fall apart.  It always does.  Like a volcano erupting and creating destructive lava flows.. Yet, it is always temporary.   You just need to understand the Universe's definition of "temporary".  It is not ours.  IE: The Ice Age - temporary.   The Big Bang - temporary.   The time-line of history where we are, will also be temporary - however, it will change all of our lives like no other event in modern history has.  Just be prepared and look for opportunities in that change.  The greatest advancements in evolution, creation and betterments - all come from dramatic, life-changing upheavals.   And I'm not talking about upgrading your Blackberry to a Storm or going online and ordering a Tesla.   This will be change which may very well take us back to our origins of human development and try our most primordial instincts - hang on, think clear and be creative.   Now is the time.  

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Foreshadow - (fôr-shăd'ō, fōr-)
To present an indication or a suggestion of beforehand; presage.
Thursday, October 09, 2008

Brian Loncar Stole My Turkey Sandwich

Which is fine with me since I had an extra BLT I ordered for our crew... this happened at MPS Studios today. Taking a quick lunch break from shooting with a new client, Brian came by and saw the extra bag from Jason's Deli on the counter. "Can I have this?", he asked in a very legal tone. "Uh... " , I thought about objecting.. "I need it, I'm going to physical therapy now."... he adds. Wow, how do you say 'no' to someone in pain and hunger? His opening and closing arguments completed in less than 30-seconds, I gave in ... I also gave him my Fzzz! Media biz card. "You get this with the sandwich." I told him... he looked surprised as if the judge just added an extra 6-months of probation for his client...

for there is no free lunch Brian, no. Not even for the Strong Arm.

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